The Artist Formerly Known as Stixy (xvampiratex) wrote,
The Artist Formerly Known as Stixy

To ANYONE who wants to get me a birthday/Christmas/for-the-hell-of-it present:

I want a rename token. Really badly. I created this journal when I was--what--fourteen? I can't take it anymore. The username for this thing is embarrassing and shameful. I don't want to create a new account because this one has far too many entries to copy-paste-backdate, and the software I downloaded for saving it all crashed. SO, I'm going to leave this offer up here and if anyone wants my undying gratitude or if you just don't know what the fuck to get me for my birthday or Christmas, then now you know. Thanks.
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$15 is a ridiculous price to rename a journal. I just got a new one, which is easier for organization anyway, and I still have all the entries from my old account (I just left it there, and log in occasionally). The only problem I have with this is that I have to visit more than one page when searching for something (oh noes, the humanity!).
I know $15 is ridiculous for renaming a journal, which is why I want someone else to pay for it.

I have my mind set. I'm not getting a new one. I want one whole piece, one collection when I look back and through my entries. Plus, this one has friends who may not log in often or at all anymore who I want to keep on my list in order to view their locked entries, etc. I just want the same account. *Shrug*

I think the first sentence says enough.
I love people like you...
It's 2:30am and after reading your profile I've decided to get drunk and play 007 Goldeneye.

Also...the fact that you have "I WANT YOU TO HIT ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN" as your comment thingy=big win.

Double also: As for your username...I'll have to dwell on it.
I merely discovered your journal last night, and I'd have to say I'm a fan. Oh god. The "Bpepz" conversation had my sides hurting.


I can attest to that. :P

Deleted comment

Hahaha. I love you hard.

And yes, I like the play on words...but the x's and the whole OHMYGOTH theme need to go, girlfriend.
I just bought you a rename token.

Oh wait, I'm sorry that was actually me just puking a little. I got confused.
You're so charming, bb.
Hey Stephanie, this is Mika. I deleted my Facebook, but created this new LJ. Anyway, I moved to Sacramento, if you're still in the area, perhaps we could get coffee and a chat sometime. I might slightly dislike this area