The Artist Formerly Known as Stixy (xvampiratex) wrote,
The Artist Formerly Known as Stixy

Writer's Block: But enough about you

If it were possible to clone a same-age version of yourself, do you think the two of you would be friends? Do you think you'd enjoy each other's company or find the similar point of view boring?

I mentioned something about this offhandedly tonight. Funny it should be in Writers Block.

If I could clone a same-age version of myself, I probably wouldn't have any interest in hanging out with myself, and neither would my clone. I mean, how boring would that be? It would be just like verbalizing my inner monologue and no one wants that. Hanging out with myself would be like being stuck in a bad marriage, right down to noticing and picking apart every flaw (is my nose really that crooked? Do I really talk like that?). However, having said that, I would most definitely do two things with myself:
A) I'd get me to do my hair. I need someone with a 360 degree view of my dome to control the jungle growing on top of it. Believe me--styling my hair is intensive labor, and who better to do it than, well, me?
B) I would make out with me. Just once, and just to see what it was like. Don't tell me you wouldn't make out with yourself either if you had the chance.

P.S.--I am currently obsessed with "Diplomat's Son" by Vampire Weekend. I love everything about it: the afrobeat flair, the techno inserts, the story in the lyrics, the melancholy of Ezra's croon contrasted with the lighthearted beat and piano tappings, the gay undertones. Everything. Love this song so much it might just win a place up near "The Start of Something."
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