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Nice one, weird kid.

So I don't usually (more like ever) voluntarily start watching a TV series. However, some offhanded comment on an LJ community today led me to discover Misfits.

It's a British sci fi series about a group of young people who are doing community service together and ~wacky shit~ happens all over the place. It's much more interesting than it sounds. It's terribly funny and really intriguing and has a great soundtrack and goddamn I need someone to talk about it with. So, um, does anyone care to marathon it with me on my next day off (Thursday)? I'm only on the third episode, and there are only six episodes total so far so it won't take TOO long if we start from episode one. IT'S SO GOOD, I PROMISE.


P.S.--Detective Inspector Shipton is in it, and he plays a cop here as well. *Hint, nudge, hey Ashley, cough*
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