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So my mom mentioned to one of her co-workers yesterday that she and I were to shampoo the carpets of our house today because of our dog; he's quite old and he urinates on the floors before he can reach the back door to be let out. My mom's co-worker's response was, "Why don't you just get rid of the dog?"


Are people this callous and uncaring? We adopted Rascal when I was six years old. He's been here for fifteen and a half years. He's a member of our family and we plan on keeping him and treating him well until he's ready to go on his own, thank you very much. My mom was outraged and asked her co-worker if she'd get rid of her daughter if she became an inconvenience. She answered "Your dog is just an animal!"

I'm sick of this attitude. If you can't handle a life, especially when it proves difficult, you should have never made the choice to care for one in the first place. I'm disgusted with folks who, for the sake of convenience, euthanize their animals when they reach a certain age* or when they can't care for them anymore or dump their pets on someone else when their living situation changes or don't neuter or spay when there are FREE AND REDUCED PRICE PROGRAMS OUT THERE or trade in their old pet for a new model or dump them on the side of the road or you know...just leave their animals to die in their old place of living when they move out (yes, I know someone who did that). This is absolutely appalling, the attitude many people seem to be adopting toward pets. These are LIVES, these are not accessories. You can't just throw them away when you're tired of them. Have we as a society become so self-absorbed and focused on the status quo that we are ready to toss aside members of our families? I suppose so. I know some of these people and I lose so much respect every time I see it happen. If you're wondering, yes, I'm judging you. And yes, you're an asshole.

*Only applicable if the animal is physically healthy and not suffering from any sort of pain of disease or injury.

Friends cut

Hey guys, some of you might have noticed that you have been cut from my friendslist either recently or in the past few months. It's nothing personal, I can assure you. It was either because:

A) Whatever you posted about didn't interest me and I found myself scrolling past your entries. I feel guilty doing that, so I just decided to delete. Or,
B) I didn't want to be associated with any drama, Or,
C) You were underage and that just kind of squicks me out.

I'm sorry if this hurt anyone's feelings. It was certainly not my intention.
I have a friendcrush on the guy at the electronic cigarettes kiosk at the mall for the sole reason that he does his hair like David Tennant's The Doctor.

This hair:

= instant friendship.


Feb. 21st, 2010

Thomas knows what's up. I've been obsessed with this song for a couple of weeks.

Brendan's napping so soundly that I don't want to wake him up, but again I don't want to waste even one second I have here because the time I do have is so little and so precious. I think I'll curl up and snuggle. That's a happy medium.

My boss gave me a bunch of clothes. A lot of them are mom clothes, but some of them I like. I think the rest I will let Veronica and Crystal "shop" through and then give the remaining to Goodwill. It was really nice of Katie to do that for me, though. It's about time I own a pair of jeans!

Mighty Pines wrote a song for me (even has my name in the title!). It's really silly and cute, and I'm super proud to be their first fan. I love the nights where I can hear them rehearsing from across the parking lot. It makes me feel suspended in time...it's hard to explain. I guess I'm just having my Little Pete moment.

Anyhow, I miss my friends. And I work on LOST night. What kind of bullshit is that?
Hey guys, remember that one guy? The creepy one with the limp who asked me out? The one from this entry? Yeah, well, HE CAME BACK.
He has no kids, no shopping bags, nothing. He comes to my cart (and as I've mentioned, he's sneaky for a gimp) and says hello. My heart starts pounding and my blood is rushing when I make it really clear with my body language that I do NOT want to talk to him. He leaves to go to the bathroom, and I flag down a security guard and relay his description and why he creeps me out. The security guard trails him when he comes out of the bathroom and...I know nothing after that. I really hope I don't have a stalker on my hands, guys.

Oh, and my dad is doing better, we think! He may be going home tonight or tomorrow. He's off the tube and his lung seems like it's holding up just fine. Just one more x-ray and then we'll know.

I'm in Santa Cruz right now visiting Brendan. I'm so relaxed and at peace here in a way that I cannot be at home. Home carries with it all the stress and burdens of my worries and faults that I cast off when I pass through the mountains and to the shore. I just hope that Washington state can do this for me as well.

Nyeh nyeh nyeh.

This is me right now (the one in the pink, not the one on the bike).

10 pounds in five days, fools!


I love my fat kitty

She's so qt.


Oh no.

Oh jeez.

I've spent the majority of my night in shame. While perusing my myriad communities on LiveJournal, I was shocked to find a skeleton in my own closet--one I don't even remember! I discovered a fandom journal I owned dating back to 2003. I panicked at first, since I am no longer a member of the fandom for whom that journal was made, but soon realized that the journal itself was essentially harmless since it had zero entries and minimal information about me. I dug through some of my older emails, cracked the password, and viola! Journal deleted. Time for me to wipe my hands clean of it and forget about it, right?


The mere fact that this journal exists scares the crap out of me: what other embarrassing tracks did Little Me leave all over the Internet? A cold feeling crept over me once I opened up another old email account: I had created a diary on another website. I don't remember creating or writing this AT ALL, though I must have, since not only does it state my name several times but it also reeks of Little Emo Me and even has a trademark Little Emo Me poem posted on it. Luckily since I already had access to the email account used for the diary, I got it baleeted ASAP.

Good, now that that's done, I can rest...right? Well, Geocities shut down which means my old websites are never going to see light of day again, (thank you Jesus!) and a few message boards I belonged to did site overhauls and deleted my accounts along with old forum postings. Whew. But when I Google my name...more embarrassment. The second thing that comes up when I Google myself is a post I made on a genealogy website when I was thirteen. Complete with spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, the post is way too enthusiastic and patriotic. I've emailed the site's administrators before asking that they be taken down but didn't get a reply. I've recovered the email address associated with that account and have mailed the site's administrators once again asking for the posts to be taken down as well as my old account being deleted. We'll see how this goes.

Let's see. Again, as I go through my old email accounts and continue to Google myself, I find things I'm not so ashamed of: my Twitter, (which I never use, meh) my Facebook and MySpace accounts, and this LiveJournal account, along with an archived version of an article published about me three years ago in my local newspaper.

Could be worse, but goddamn I feel like Little Me is Carmen Sandiego all over the Internet and I'm ACME--always chasing me down and always one step behind myself. Wish me luck!


Ugh. I miss Brendan's old place of living. Even though one of his old roommates was an overly-fake-tanned creepy and annoying womanizing vampire, it was at least a really nice place that was only a few blocks from a gorgeous beach. He also pretty much had the top floor (with a bathroom, living room, and kitchen) all to himself most of the time.

This place, even though his current roommate is really chill and hassle-free, kinda sucks. There is only one bathroom, and it's sandwiched between the two bedrooms at the top of the stairs. It has no overhead fan and only a tiny tiny window above the shower. This means that if anyone takes a shit, everyone can smell it for hours. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

I'm up at 8 AM??

Merry Christmas Eve, girls and gays! I hope that you all have a good one (and if you don't celebrate, well, have a good December 24th!)

The following shouldn't be too spoilery:
So I forgot to mention that Brendan and I went to see The Princess and the Frog last Tuesday. It was SO good. It was visually stunning, the music was great, (though there was no 'breakout' song like the films featuring Alan Menken) the plot was good, the characters were stunningly complex for a Disney film, and the humor was quick and fun, and Prince Naveen is pretty fly for a cartoon. I was a little disappointed that Tiana stayed a frog for most of the film, but it was well done. It was mostly a fun watch, though I did sob silently for a good ten minutes toward the end of the film, it was definitely not the emotional torture that was Up.

I downloaded the audio book version of Kathy Griffin's Official Book Club Selection. I have never really paid much attention to Kathy Griffin until a few days ago when I stumbled onto a stand-up video of hers on a comment on ONTD. She reminds me of Eduardo and myself quite a bit sometimes. The audio book is really fascinating and she is surprisingly vulnerable and maybe even sweet at certain parts. I can relate to her with a few of her struggles, including her binge eating disorder. The most frustrating part of that is that she doesn't have an answer for how to deal with the problem since she's still trying to figure out how to deal with it herself. Anyhow, surprisingly fascinating lady and very fun to listen to.

Brendan is in Hawaii right now. I miss him terribly. Last week we had a very good visit wherein we examined the boundaries and conventions and pathos of our relationship and we came out so much stronger for it. It's absolutely breathtaking that, nearly two and a half years later, and we're crazier about each other than when we first met. I love him so much.

Crystalmas was Monday. During the dinner, I realized just how lucky I am to have my friends. I'll probably make a separate entry on that later. But you should know that I love you guys so much.

Well, I have already written enough to make this entry TL;DR so I suppose I'll quit and go back to binge window shopping online. Oh, the life I lead.


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