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I sing the body electric!

The Artist Formerly Known as Stixy
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Alright so I finally got around to cleaning this up. It's kind of a big deal that I took all those banners out of my userinfo. I probably had that "Marriage is Love" colourbar up in this bitch since '04. I bet if Google cared enough to cache this page, that colourbar would show up for 8 pages. Basically, I've had this LiveJournal since I was a wee teen, and now that we are in the future I am still sporadically updating. I never gave up on you, LiveJournal!

But now I'm too busy to care about you as much as I used to. You're like my BFF from the 9th grade who I used to hang out with 24/7 but now we've sort of grown apart and found different friends and moved on with our lives but we still catch up once in a while. And you're totally still an awesome person and everything but you still date guys with pedophile moustaches.

Note to future me: If you haven't shelled out $15 to the Russians for a new username by the year 2015, you have failed me.

See those people down there? Those crossed out usernames still on my friends list? THAT'S MY INABILITY TO LET GO.
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